Welcome To Partytime Music Services

Why Us

Partytime Music Services is a professional disc jockey entertainment business located in Mitchell, Ontario, Canada, and serving a wide area through Southwestern Ontario.  Our prices are extremely competitive, you could even say they are “small town” compared to those of larger city DJ companies, but our reputation for unmatched personal service can’t be beat.  Get a quote today, and check out “Why We Are Different” to see for yourself !!

Why We Are Different?

“Saying Partytime is “different” than other DJ’s out there is a bold statement, but we personally believe strongly in it … and wouldn’t if we did not believe our Company brings a fresh new approach to this business for our Clients.

We thought hard about what matters to people looking for professional DJ’s, and then built Partytime based on our “8 Rules For Our Clients Happiness”. They are our guidelines for conducting our business, and you can expect that we follow them to the letter.

We follow that with “experience”.  We wholeheartedly believe it is our experience and knowledge of music, sound equipment, and understanding how to read a crowd, which sets Partytime Music apart from the competition. Add to this that we believe in only using the best leading audio technology & equipment, the most respected music reproduction software in the business, and the highest quality legal music available.

We believe that many people develop a keen sense of comfort and trust in the person they choose to provide services for such special days … so we intentionally keep Partytime Music as a small operation. Sending a DJ to your party that we don’t have 100% confidence in after we earn your trust, just does not cut it with us.

Finally, as Rule number 8 states … we truly believe it is the “little things we do” which make all the difference. For example, moments before the first dance at a recent wedding, we chose to tear down and relocate the sound system at a reception because the table next to the speakers turned out to be the grand-parents. The hand shake that was received from the brides grandfather afterwards told us it was just the right thing to do.

Please let us show you why we believe Partytime Music Services, is truly that different!!”

Terry and Jesse McKone, Owners

The 8 Rules For Our Client Happiness


We understand that we are hired to provide music services to meet and exceed your expectations, satisfy your tastes, and make your party a success. You expect professionalism, and thats what you get. You expect great sound, and thats what you get. And you expect fair and competitive pricing …. and thats what you get.


We understand that at a wedding, the party is ALWAYS where the bride and groom are, and therefore we ask for, and cater to, the tastes, wishes, and direction of the bride and groom.


We understand that we are tasked with keeping your guests happy, and that means each having fun in their own way. Not every guest will like every song, in fact some will immediately complain to the DJ that the music is not to their liking, walking through a packed dancefloor to do so. We will politely take all critisism, but keep the music suited to all guests at all times.


We understand that a packed dancefloor will eventually empty as your guests get tired or thirsty. When that happens, we promise to change up the music until new dancers take the floor…. and that we will ALWAYS try to fade out and change up any songs that are not working for any reason.


We understand that our Clients expect us to be more than human iPods. We are expected to know a significant amount of musical knowledge, know how to read a crowd, and know how to keep a dancefloor full.


We understand that our Clients expect us to be on time, to be prepared to spend the contracted time providing the finest service possible, to avoid consuming alcohol, be well dressed, and to interact with your guests kindly and professionally.


We understand that our sound systems must be top quality, our music be crystal clear, and our voice is to be used only as much as required to meet the wishes of our Client. We will never be rude, sarcastic, or overbearing on the microphone. It is, and always will be, about the music.


We understand that the little things we do will make the biggest difference.

Our Work Ethics

Experience is Everything

Today, digital music is everywhere, and becoming easier to get every day. Unfortunately, this ease of obtaining music, often illegally, has also resulted in many people branding themselves disc jockeys and playing their iPods through a rented PA system. While this is perfectly suited to small informal parties at home, a professional disc jockey knows there is much more to a successful night than just playing music. Just ask a bride who had a friend play their iPod for her wedding reception.

Partytime Music was started by Terry McKone, an area musician with over 35 years of performing music for every imaginable type of party. Starting in a county music band at age 16, through to playing on such incredible stages as the former Lulu’s bar in a Tragically Hip tribute band, Terry has developed a keen sense of what people want from an Entertainer. In fact, Partytime Music Services started as a result of an increasing number of clients asking Terry to play recorded music at functions too small to afford live music. Today, Partytime Music Services consists of Terry and his son Jesse, a very popular DJ in high demand.  We are proud that we have even been asked to provide the music for the weddings of children of our previously satisfied customers.

Yes, Great Equipment Can Break Down Too, Then What?

For all our functions back-up equipment is available should the need arise. Because we use only high-quality, professional equipment this is hardly ever the case. However, we take pride in each and every event, so we never take the chance of having a technical malfunction.

What About Your Music

We are proud to be one of the first disc jockeys in the area to convert all music to a computerized playback system, utilizing the leading software provider in this field … Virtual DJ.  This ensures “skip-free” music that sounds crystal clear thanks to it being made available to you at the highest possible bit-rate. This means all your guests requests are search-able with a few key strokes, and can be added to a playlist based on matching the songs beats to whatever currently has the dance-floor grooving!!

We carry an extensive collection of music to every event and will cater to all age groups. From the classic “oldies” to the latest hits of today, we’ve got the music to keep your party rocking! We update our music twice a month to stay current with today’s hottest music too. If there is the odd chance that we do not have a song with us, and it would be suitable for your event, we can access most any song ever recorded through the unique access to licenced streaming services within the Virtual DJ platform, in seconds.

Well OK, “Experience is Everything” … But So Is Great Sound Equipment

We utilize computerized digital music reproduction, played through the most amazing sound systems ever produced.  We invest in ONLY the leading names in DJ sound reproduction.  Our extensive knowledge of sound engineering, EQing of microphones, and proper speaker placement ensures great sound throughout your dancefloor area, and perfectly intelligible spoken words throughout your dinner area for speeches.

If our clients want lighting, we include our standard system of colored and moving moving lights at no additional cost. We will ensure all lighting is tasteful, to enhance any party. The choice is yours.

Its Those Little Extra’s We Do

So you like what you hear so far, right. But let us tell you what else you get for our low price.

Lets start with request notes and pencils placed onto your guests tables, because you know that their song choices are important to the success of your celebration.

While we are talking about keeping your guests happy, please know that we will come in well ahead of your guests to set up. We know that our carrying in equipment during your dinner is not cool, so relax knowing we will be set up and tested well before the first dance.

Need a microphone for speeches, no problem, we provide up to two wireless microphones for your use. Lapel wireless mics, got ’em!! Wireless speakers set up in the back of a large room to be sure everybody hears your toasts and speeches? Got it. Need a projector? Want that projector wired up to our sound system for your slideshow? No problem, we can offer that at no extra cost.

We are not shy on the microphone either, and we will be pleased to offer whatever vocal services are required, from introductions of the wedding party, to any special announcements needed throughout the night. Perhaps even more important, we know when to shut up and play music too!! Ask anyone who has been to a party when the DJ is overbearing on the microphone if they had a great time dancing. Not likely.

Partytime Music Services is PROUD to have our DJ’s use high quality sound systems and software from the worlds leading DJ equipment manufacturers & suppliers.

Greg and Laura write ...

"We booked Terry after seeing what a wonderful job he did DJing my brothers wedding the previous year. We didn't regret it for a second! Not only was Terry amazing on our wedding day but he was so professional and easy to get in touch with leading up to the big day. As a bride, a big pre-wedding stress was waiting for people to respond to my emails or call me back. Terry always got back to me quickly and accommodated all our needs, including a last minute one for sound equipment at our ceremony. Terry took all song requests at our reception and was really in tune with the crowd. He had such a good feel for the kind of music people wanted to hear and dance too. We'd recommend Terry for your DJing needs in a heartbeat!"

Sarah and Steve write ...

We got married in September last year, it is now January and people are still telling us how much fun they had at our wedding!  Terry did the music for our ceremony and reception. I have known Terry for a long time and he did a fantastic job, which I knew he would. The dance floor was full the entire night! He also gave us suggestions for the first dances. As it turns out, picking out songs is a lot harder than you would think.
We would highly recommend Terry!

Nicole and Sean write ...

Terry was great to work with right from the beginning of our choice to hire a DJ for our wedding. His professional approach to his service made the planning process very simple and stress free. Terry did a phenomenal job the night of our wedding and kept the dance floor packed for the evening. We would recommend his service to anyone seeking out a DJ for their event.

Marie and Kyle write ...

We hired Jesse for our wedding reception in May and were completely impressed with his service from the planning stages up to the day of our wedding.

We had a large range in age of guests and he had them all up on the dance floor (at the same time!). It takes great talent to keep guests happy all night, and Jesse provided that.

We have had numerous compliments on his service and would definitely recommend him to you.

Caitlin and Mark write ...

For my husband and I, there was no other choice for a wedding DJ other than Terry McKone of Partytime Music Services in Mitchell! Terry was excellent at playing a variety of music for all ages and tastes but never made us wait for all our requests throughout the night! The atmosphere he created for our wedding was beyond expectations and made it a night we’ll never forget!  Terry is truly a professional who knows what he’s doing! If you want a great dj that you can tell what you want and get all that and more, book Terry McKone asap!!

Charlene writes on Wedding Wire ...

Terry is such an amazing DJ and so professional I cannot even put it into words!! To say he went above and beyond for our wedding would most certainly be an understatement. Terry was so wonderful to work with. He truly cares about his clients and his love for what he does radiates. He was fun. So easy to communicate with. Catered to all of our requests. And had some awesome ideas to make our reception all that more fun!! He had our guests entertained and engaged the entire night. He was attentive to our guests needs and requests. He did a lot of the MC work for us and was perfectly on point. Plus, his price point was so good!! We can't thank him enough for providing us with such great service that in turn gave us an amazing stress free wedding day!! I highly recommend him to any bride or party needing a DJ. This man delivers and you will NOT be disappointed.

Jessica writes on Wedding Wire ...

Terry did an amazing job at our wedding. All the special songs were played exactly as requested. After dinner he got everyone up and dancing right away and the dance floor was full until the end. So many people raved about the music, it was the perfect blend with something for everyone. Terry was also excellent during the planning process, responded to questions very promptly and he has an online dashboard tool to plan out your wedding music, helped keep us very organized and it was fun to put together! You need to book Terry for your wedding. His pricing is also so reasonable, much cheaper than a lot of other DJs out there, but every bit as good (maybe better?).

Krista writes ...

“We are so very happy we chose Partytime Music Services for our June wedding. Jesse really knows the crowd and caters perfectly to them! Our dance floor was always packed and every age group had a fantastic time. We received numerous compliments on how wonderful our party was and the guests appreciated having an opportunity to make requests. A true testament of a great reception is one that doesn’t wrap up until the lights come on and we certainly still had guests dancing when the lights came on! Thanks again for making our reception so much fun!