We LOVE to PARTY Too!!


Anytime people get together for celebration, a lively dance floor will always make the party more special, and allow everyone to enjoy themselves.


We bring the same experience to your birthday or anniversary celebration that we bring to our wedding receptions.


That means we know how to get your guests up on their feet, allowing everyone to dance the night away to the music that moved them not only years ago, but also to their favorite new music they might have just heard on the radio.


We can suit the music to to specific age groups, from 7 to 70, and we can even custom program a night of music from a specific time or genre, allowing you to have just the right music for your retro dance parties or theme nights.


As with all of our dance parties, we can provide lighting systems from small to large "blow your mind" shows, including lasers, moving fixtures, strobes, and much more.


Finally, we can bring the party anywhere you want to have it, including your back yard.  Our sound systems are 100% portable, yet beautiful sounding, and NEVER too loud.


Lets PARTY!!!


NOTE : Calendar is for our primary DJ Terry.

Please mail us HERE to check on availabilit y of our second DJ Jesse McKone